It was sold in the 1997 auction of her la femme homecoming dresses for more than £50,000.


Memorably worn during an official photocall on her honeymoon at Balmoral, this brown tweed wool suit was actually one of two identical numbers commissioned by Diana.


The only difference was the size — and for her honeymoon Diana favoured the larger one as the extra shoulder room allowed her to take part in country activities such as shooting with her new husband.


The tweed fabric was very much in keeping with traditional English Cheap Strapless A Line Kids Gorgeous Prom Dresses Hot Fuchsia La Femme 20808 dress. For Diana, nervously finding her feet as she joined the Royal Family, it was a chance to explore her blossoming sense of style while still following in the sensible shoes of her mother-in-law, the Queen.

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In secret tape recordings handed over to author Andrew Morton, Diana said of her honeymoon: ‘Went off to Balmoral … everyone was there to welcome us and then the realisation set in.


‘Charles used to want to go for long walks around Balmoral the whole time when we were on our honeymoon. His idea of enjoyment would be to sit on top of the highest hill at Balmoral … and read Jung to me. [That made him] blissfully happy.’


Diana, however, was already suffering from ‘appalling’ bulimia and had begun to regret bitterly her decision to marry, railing at the Royal Family’s assumption she could adapt to being Princess of Wales overnight. In the la femme homecoming dresses , she returned to London early where she was made to seek psychiatric help after threatening to cut her wrists.


The suit is now owned by the Historic Royal Palaces charity, who bought it at auction.