Moments later, a commander comes on the air with the the la femme code for officer in distress.


'10-13, 10-13,' the commander says. 'All units in the Bronx stand by.'


'I don't think we're too far from that,' a radio patrol car responds.


'Get going, get going, get going, get going,' the commander says.


It was initially unclear to responders whether the unit in distress was a police officer or EMT. 


Several other units call in as responding. 'Traumatic arrest,' one responder shouts, referring to Arroyo's condition. 


Several minutes of chaos follow as the dispatcher tries to clear the airwaves to coordinate the responding units.


One clueless unit repeatedly tries to call in that she's on a meal break, using the code 10-63.


'I got a 13 going on, I'll get back to you as soon as I can, just stay off the air!' the dispatcher snaps.


Seven minutes into the events, the dispatcher issues a 'slow down,' indicating that the situation at the scene is under control.


The dispatcher coordinates a road bock and escort for the ambulance transporting Arroyo.One day after an FDNY medic and mother-of-five was run over and killed by a man who stole her ambulance, harrowing emergency radio recordings have revealed her chilling final moments, and the murdered woman's colleagues packed the courthouse for the suspect's arraignment. 


The chaotic minutes after New York City paramedic Yadira Arroyo, 44, was fatally struck unfolded around 7.10pm on Thursday in The Bronx, after she and her partner Monique Williams were flagged down by members of the public and told a man was riding on the back bumper of their rig.


The man, identified by police as 25-year-old Jose Gonzalez, overpowered her and jumped into the vehicle and plowed straight into Arroyo, according to witnesses and cellphone video from the scene.


Seconds later, a woman's voice can be heard screaming over the FDNY EMS dispatch radio. 


'Please we need assistance,' the woman screams.


'What unit is that?' the dispatcher asks. 


After verifying their location, the dispatcher puts out the code for additional units: 'All Bronx North units, unit 82 Nora has a 10-85.'


About 11 minutes after the distress call hit the airwaves, the ambulance arrived at Jacobi Medical Center, where Arroyo was pronounced dead. 


Meanwhile, EMTs from across the city packed a Bronx courthouse for suspect Gonzalez's arraignment on Friday. 


'I'm innocent. I didn't do nothing,' Gonzalez said as he was escorted out of a police station, surrounded by angry, uniformed emergency medical technicians hurling insults.


Police said Gonzalez had been high on drugs during the deadly encounter. His lawyer, Alice Fontier, said he has a severe mental illness. She didn't identify it, saying his history would be disclosed later in court.


'Whatever may have happened here, none of his actions were intentional,' Fontier said, calling Arroyo's death a tragedy for both the EMT's family's and the suspect's.


Gonzalez is being held without bail.


Police said Gonzalez, who lived for about a month at a group home for chronically homeless single adults, had a history of arrests and violent and erratic behavior with officers. Fontier said his record involves mostly marijuana possession charges, as well as ongoing misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief cases. 


Arroyo, a 14-year veteran of New York's Bravest, pulled over and the man- identified as 25-year-old Jose Gonzalez - tried to grab someone's bag, according to witnesses.


Moments before the deadly incident,reports that Gonzalez had been going door to door in the neighborhood begging. 


As Arroyo attempted to intervene, Gonzalez overpowered her La Femme 18896 Aqua Jeweled Strap Full Length Prom Dress Cheap a brief struggle and jumped behind the wheel of the vehicle, where Arroyo's partner, Monique Williams, 31, was sitting in the passenger side.

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Shocking cellphone video shows the ambulance reverse and plow straight into Arroyo, who tries to desperately hold onto the still open door, leaving her for dead in the middle of the road.


Without stopping, Gonzalez then mindlessly drives straight into a parked car before being arrested by a passing off-duty MTA K-9 Officer Danny McCabe and members of the public.


As dozens of police arrive on the scene, Williams rushes to help the stricken Arroyo and screams out loud 'My partner, my partner', before launching herself on Gonzalez, who is handcuffed on the ground.


Sympathetic police attempted to restrain her before doing their best to try and calm her down.


Arroyo was rushed to nearby Jacobi Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. Williams was treated for minor injuries sustained when the carjacker hit her during his brief attempt to flee.


'They were screaming. They were crying. Everyone was trying to help, said witness Virgilio German. 


A solemn guard of honor was laid on later that evening for the fallen officer by members of the FDNY as her body was brought to the Medical Examiner's Officer in Manhattan. 


Meanwhile, Gonzalez was arrested and now faces charges of murder, grand larceny and operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs. 


Police say he is an emotionally-disturbed person with a criminal history of 31 prior arrests. Twenty one of those arrests are sealed, but the 10 that aren't include charges of robbery, assault, criminal mischief, criminal possession of marijuana, public lewdness, graffiti and sale of marijuana. 


He reportedly lives in an affordable housing apartment opened in 2015 by Volunteers of America for chronically homeless people, according . 


spoke with two relatives of Gonzalez, who said he had been depressed since his mother died as a child. 


He was escorted by police from the 43rd Precinct early Friday morning to be booked in jail. 


According to ABC 7, Gonzalez muttered to himself as EMTs watched him being put in a police cruiser.


'I'm innocent. I didn't do nothing. I'm innocent,' Gonzalez said. 


Some of the EMTs yelled at Gonzalez as he was led past them. 


'You’re a piece of s***,' one EMT said, according to the Daily News. 


'There’s a special place in hell for people like you,' another added. 


Witness Anis Nagi, 40, said that he flagged down the la femme bridal dresses when they saw Gonzalez on the back. 


'The female EMT came out of the vehicle,' Nagi told 'She left the door open.'


According to Nagi, Gonzalez jumped from the back, tried to mug someone and as Arroyo attempted to stop him he got behind the wheel and plowed into her.


'He reversed so hard and she was dragged,' said Nagi. 'He ran over her and she went under the wheels.' 


Gonzalez - who has a lengthy criminal record, managed to get 20 feet before crashing and being dragged from the ambulance and subdued by Officer McCabe and other Good Samaritans.


'He was incoherent and talking to himself,' a witness said.


Williams, who had exited the crashed rig, then runs to her fallen colleague's aid and as she realizes there is nothing to be done lets out a harrowing wail and runs to kick Gonzalez in the head.


'She was screaming, "my partner, my partner!" She was screaming hysterically. I can't forget her screaming,' said office manager Nancy Montavo to the Daily News.