She's a media personality, mother-of-six and a beach babe.


The younger sister of Hollywood star Nicole Kidman, Antonia Kidman, was again seen enjoying a dip near her family home at Palm Beach last Wednesday.


Wearing a black bikini, the 46-year-old showed off her incredibly toned figure in a bikini.


The Australian-born beauty placed her hand on her stomach after stripping down to the two-piece and made her way towards the water.


Antonia's long lean legs were on display as she made her way along the sand to cool off in the water before returning drenched.


The mother-of-six took a moment to take in the cheap la femme before slowly making her way into the water. 


As she made her way out of the water, saltwater beads dripped down her body, glistening in the sunlight and highlighting her tanned skin.


The TV presenter looked delighted as she returned to where her family were on the shore. 


After her swim, Antonia wrapped herself in a black and white towel, placing one hand on her stomach and the other on her chest.


Later, she was seen laying out a towel and soaking up some sunshine.


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However, first she appeared to remove the straps on her bikini La Femme 18162 Strapless Royal Blue Dresses for Homecoming Cheap  to avoid tan lines, while one of her younger children sat in her lap.


The brunette beauty covered her shoulder-length locks with a pink cap once back on the sand.


Antonia later covered up her frame in a loose-fitting black long-sleeve mini dress, which hid her slender figure. 


Clearly a little cold after getting out of the la femme homecoming dresses , the brunette beauty added a scarf to complete her ensemble and looked very rugged up for the sunny day. 


The mother-of-six arrived at the popular beach on the sunny day with her mother, Janelle and look-a-like daughter, Lucia Hawley. 


The mother and daughter duo were seen talking as they walked along the beach.