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Sir Philip's birthday girl wears £1,000 Balmain sequin dress as she lets her hair down for 26th party

Le 4 March 2017, 04:13 dans Humeurs 0

Helena Bonham Carter is renowned for her eccentric la femme bridal dresses sense, but the star of Alice In Wonderland and Harry Potter excelled herself at a charity gala in London this week.


The 50-year-old actress and former partner of film director Tim Burton ensured she was centre of attention in a red gingham corset top, yellow petticoat skirt and platform shoes, as she whipped a pistol from out of her holster.


The theme of the party, also attended by Mary Portas and her wife Melanie Rickey was 'Night of Country'. Fellow guest ITV news presenter Natasha Kaplinsky, 44, gave it her all in a baby-pink gingham dress, lace-up bodice and flaring skirt. Yee-ha!


The Voice star Bo Bruce, who has just given birth to her first child, has made her placenta into edible capsules. The estranged daughter of the Earl of Cardigan posted a picture on social media of a medicine bottle containing 190 dried placenta pills, with her son's date of birth and a best before date on the label. Alongside the picture is the caption 'breakfast anyone?' No, thank you.Now Sir Philip Green has been partially exonerated, having agreed to pay £363 million to plug the gap in the BHS pension scheme, his daughter Chloe is enjoying a new Ruched Side Slit Beauty Fairytale Gown by La Femme 19760 Prom Dresses of life.

Ruched Side Slit Beauty Fairytale Gown by La Femme 19760 Prom Dresses


Celebrating her 26th birthday this week, the heiress re-opened her Instagram account — where she documents her lavish lifestyle — to the public, having made it private while her parents were investigated over the collapse of BHS.


Sporting a Balmain sequin dress worth over £1,000, Chloe partied at Annabel's in Mayfair, where she posed with a cake and glamorous friend Zara Zoffany, a self-styled 'fashion influencer', who was also celebrating her birthday.


With his racy life, the Duke of Rutland has long aroused public curiosity. But now the 11th Duke is planning to write his tell-all autobiography which is bound to be a sizzling read — he and his wife Emma live with their respective lovers under the same roof at the spectacular Belvoir Castle. 


'I will definitely do it,' says David la femme homecoming dresses . 'But I'm happy to say I will wait until I'm 80 before publishing. 'I can't bear these celebrities who write their life stories when they are still young. I have heard of this Katie Price. She does it in her 30s. What do they know of life at that age?' 


How divorce backfired on women - thanks to feminists

Le 4 March 2017, 04:10 dans Humeurs 0

Julie Sharp was aptly named. The glamorous and clever career woman had amassed a £7million fortune by 44, the la femme £135,000 a year as a City trader and pocketing an annual bonus of £1 million.


She was also happily married to Robin, a former IT consultant who quit his £90,000-a-year job three years after their 2009 wedding to renovate the second of their Gloucestershire homes, which she paid for. He drove the Aston Martin she bought him.


But when she discovered that he was seeing another woman, Julie filed for divorce.


They had no children together, their marriage lasted just four years and almost all their wealth came from her. Yet a judge ruled that Mr Sharp should get a payout of £2.7 million.


Every bone in your body screams out that this is unfair, a travesty of justice. Why should Julie’s stay-at-home, philandering husband — who’s clearly capable of a highly paid job — have any right to her money?


Women everywhere are rightly appalled and Mrs Sharp is challenging the 2015 ruling, seeking to reduce the payout to £1.2 million.


The trouble is this is the modern world of equality which feminists fought so hard for. It is unfair, but disproportionate payouts like this are what men suffer all the time. 


The divorce laws were drawn up in 1973 to stop stay-at-home wives being shortchanged. Back then the number of women working was 53 per cent compared with 67 per cent today; and 92 per cent of men went out to work, compared to 76 per cent now.


Feminists have been inordinately successful in getting a La Femme 20133 Mini Short Cotton Candy Pink Sexy Cocktail Dresses deal for women in divorces, and it is easy to understand why. But now there are cases like this, where the wife gets hit.


La Femme 20133 Mini Short Cotton Candy Pink Sexy Cocktail Dresses

In the original case, High Court Judge Sir Peter Singer said Julie’s gender was immaterial. 


‘The fact that this is, in effect, a husband’s claim against a wife rather than the more conventional claim of a wife against husband emphatically does not call for a discount,’ he insisted.


As I said, that’s equality for you.


Feminists’ demands have created divorce laws that are unfair and punitive — usually to men, but increasingly to women like Mrs Sharp, too. The tragedy is the only guaranteed winners are avaricious lawyers. 


Katy's waste of space 


After the break-up of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s one-year romance, their agents bizarrely confirmed: ‘Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time.’


For which read: she’s got a stellar la femme bridal dresses and he’s a freeloading, out-of-work actor who hasn’t had a mega role since the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.


Few things are less attractive to a successful woman than an under-employed has-been.


Her accessories have been chosen to enhance the purity of the colour — simple white satin heels and a matching clutch with modern gold bangles

Le 18 February 2017, 04:30 dans Humeurs 0

It was sold in the 1997 auction of her la femme homecoming dresses for more than £50,000.


Memorably worn during an official photocall on her honeymoon at Balmoral, this brown tweed wool suit was actually one of two identical numbers commissioned by Diana.


The only difference was the size — and for her honeymoon Diana favoured the larger one as the extra shoulder room allowed her to take part in country activities such as shooting with her new husband.


The tweed fabric was very much in keeping with traditional English Cheap Strapless A Line Kids Gorgeous Prom Dresses Hot Fuchsia La Femme 20808 dress. For Diana, nervously finding her feet as she joined the Royal Family, it was a chance to explore her blossoming sense of style while still following in the sensible shoes of her mother-in-law, the Queen.

Cheap Strapless A Line Kids Gorgeous Prom Dresses Hot Fuchsia La Femme 20808


In secret tape recordings handed over to author Andrew Morton, Diana said of her honeymoon: ‘Went off to Balmoral … everyone was there to welcome us and then the realisation set in.


‘Charles used to want to go for long walks around Balmoral the whole time when we were on our honeymoon. His idea of enjoyment would be to sit on top of the highest hill at Balmoral … and read Jung to me. [That made him] blissfully happy.’


Diana, however, was already suffering from ‘appalling’ bulimia and had begun to regret bitterly her decision to marry, railing at the Royal Family’s assumption she could adapt to being Princess of Wales overnight. In the la femme homecoming dresses , she returned to London early where she was made to seek psychiatric help after threatening to cut her wrists.


The suit is now owned by the Historic Royal Palaces charity, who bought it at auction.

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